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hey there! 

Sound familiar? 

How disconnected I'd become from my aligned path & in particular  how the;  9-5+ 'bums on seats' mentality, never ending to-do lists,  being 100% office-based, exchanging time for money and largely being praised for ‘hard’ work & life compromises was misaligned for me. Signs of burn-out, feeling like I was just going through the motions, dreading opening work emails, feeling less motivated & ambitious and being less present with loved ones all became more amplified - something had to change.

Instead of suppressing the feelings, I finally listened and I treated them as clues! That began my personal investigatory mission for purpose & fulfilment - I  quit (long story short - listen to this podcast episode for the full version) & booked a one-way ticket across the world. Whilst this felt different to the version of me I'd known until then who had  generally followed the status quo, I just knew it was the right step to take for me - mission accepted!

I had no idea at the time... 

I'd done it all "right" - worked hard, got the grades, became the first Uni graduate in my fam, secured a training contract with my dream law firm, had the salary and off I went continuing to climb my dreamy ladder. Most of it felt great at the start and I was so proud for what I'd achieved against the odds.....plus I was being validated by society for these accomplishments, so I must have been on the correct path, right? It's everything I'd worked towards so I had to keep going, right? But the "soul nudges" got louder and louder until they screamed "WTF are you doing!?"

My own "Legally Different" story really began the moment I had a major "is this really it!?" moment which totally reshaped everything! 

The first major clarity bomb on this mission was realising that a core personal value (which I’d not given any thought to previously) is “freedom” yet I hadn’t shaped a life around that. So, I called out my own BS and committed to carving out work & life based on my own version of success.

Instead of simply returning to London to take another City job, I decided to live in Bali (a place I loved at the time) and create / find work that was aligned.  I couldn't have even imagined this before, but having met digital nomads (mainly creatives & techies at that time, no lawyers) combined with the inner work I’d began to do, I transformed the conditions I’d placed on myself about what work "should" look & feel like.  Bali life as a remote UK lawyer became my reality 2017-19  & I created my own online coaching business, all when  working remotely wasn't a 'thing' (honestly it was a struggle in law to wfh then  just because the plumber was scheduled)!

This legal eagle felt so alive, inspired & nourished –  words I never thought I'd associate with work.

That decision was so pivotal and what has since flowed from it has enriched my life 

It was never just about the Insta pics & tropical laptop lifestyle, it was deeper for me. It was about truly embodying a new way & undertaking an expedition of self in order to help myself and others, which is part of my purpose. Quitting a job isn't everyone's path after all.

I personally experimented with a variety of working ways noting what, when, where, how I was most inspired, productive, efficient, inward, outward, creative etc. I was also observing & having deep conversations with other people living / working differently whilst simultaneously coaching UK corporate professionals on navigating their journeys with purpose and fulfilment.

One key observation -  it wasn’t all sunshine with the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, many people simply copied and pasted the corporate ways they were used to (myself included at times) and re-created a hustle culture that didn't feel good. For some, elements of this working style are aligned, but not for most.

That was my next initiation - how can we create sustainable changes aligned with who we truly are in a world that tries to make us something else?  As I was about to change my geographical location & enter a new life chapter, this became more important to me personally in order to remain in integrity with my values and path.

Cue Human Design entering my life! A map of who we are. As I uncovered my personal design, in amazement I realised that my path & what I'd felt to be true about how I wanted to work were totally in alignment with my design. It was wild.  I felt so seen, validated and supported. From then I began to consciously work with my Human Design and experiment further.  I loved the system so much that I decided to formally study it and become a reader in order to support others using this tangible, powerful tool.

it wasn't all sunshine....

HEre's how I can help:

to create Legally Different by Design ® a personal development hub and toolkit that helps you to recognise your strengths & gifts and to leverage what makes you unique  in order to unlock your next levels soul-fuelled success.
Your soul came here with a contract to
fulfil, let's discover your unique terms!

I've combined my:

Listen in
Listen in

 11+ years as a lawyer
Human Design expertise
7+ years of inner journeying 
Talent for seeing others' gifts
Love of working with epic humans like you



When I say that I'm not your average lawyer and "I know you're not either" - I really mean this last bit; I *know* you're not either.  Whether you see your uniqueness or not, I see it.  Whether you recognised your potential or not, I recognise it.  Whether you feel worthy or not, I feel your value.  My gift is seeing your gifts,  strengths and potential and when coupled with the Human Design system, this makes for a powerful deep dive into your magic.

And now i'm going to help you own yours.

I could do it differently. I could do it in a soul-aligned way.  I just had to understand what makes me unique, own what makes me 'different' and take aligned action. 

It all changed for me when I realised I didn't have to be a one-dimensional lawyer following a one-size-fits-all template

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Saturn Return

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my timeline:

2011 - qualified as a solicitor in England + wales

EARLY 2017  quit + travelled the world (also my saturn return)

2017 - 2019 lived in bali
inner journey + awakening

2017 -  yoga teacher training

2017 - life coach training

2019 - relocated back to the uk 

end of 2020 - launched the legally different podcast! (from mexico) plus another big awakening year

2019 - discovered human design

2021 first formal human design training

2022 deepening studies + expertise in HUMAN DESIGN (forever a student)

2021-present working with epic legally different humans in 1-1 human design sessions

2018 -  idea of "legally different" landed

late 2017- started remote legal role with pioneering firm


 coffee - it's the smell + the ritual for me


Freedom, integrity, vitality + success




PAPER ROUND and a sandwich shop assistant AGED 13 - 15!


people watching!
 you know when you're  somewhere BUZZY like a cafe or an airport and you observe the goings-on around you


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"I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."

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ON THE BLOG: Human Design 101
The Secret Success Strategy for Lawyers



The best strategies start with first understanding how you're Legally Different by Design ® so you can optimise and leverage your strengths & gifts whilst aiming for a soul-fuelled goal.