If you're tired of feeling "MEH" about your website and ready to have a website that's going to take you to the next level,  I can't wait to introduce you to my friends at TONIC. 

TONIC'S templates are my favourite because they combine style AND strategy with some sort of magic sauce that stands out. Chances are, if you've seen a website you love on the internet, it was a TONIC site! It's time to experience the confidence that an elevated brand experience brings and at a discounted price using my code!

Shop Tonic Website Templates

Tonic has my absolutely favorite templates in the game – their websites somehow combine killer strategy AND stunning, standout design. You're going to feel so confident in your new site!



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01 —  Lillet Blanc Website
02 — Manhattan Website
03 — Greyhound Website
04 — The Insta Links Page
05 — Digital Marketing Kit
06 — The Canva Templates


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Tired of spending HOURS making graphics? TONIC's new social media Canva templates are a total game changer. The best part is, you don't just have to use them for social media — think Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Reels covers... Never make another graphic from scratch again!

"Using my TONIC design, I was able to get a beautiful and efficient website launched in less than SIX HOURS without the help of a developer or designer. Go for it — you won't regret it!" 

"No more buying templates that are hard to use and getting stuck. The best part is that I put everything together in one weekend. The download to completion couldn't be easier."

"Customizing my site template was easy, intuitive, and quick! I did it on my own in my 'spare time' which as a mom of two and business know is basically non-existent." 

"I spent months working on my old website. I was trying to save money by using price-driven web templates that needed custom coding.... but ended up with nothing. With TONIC, I had a full customized website up and running in ONE WEEK, y’all!

"Since I've redesigned my website with a TONIC design, I have raised my prices and have started booking more high-end clients. I feel like my site finally represents my level of work and expertise. If you're on the fence... DO IT!"

— Catherine

— Liz

— Amy

— Kylie

— Kim Lyn

“Go for it — you won't regret it!”

Feeling a little unsure? read these:

“Just go for it! TONIC sites are so worth the investment and leave you with a website you can change completely to your liking. It makes you excited and proud every single time you open the end result, and your clients’ feedback will speak for itself.” 

— Eva Marie

Shop Tonic Site Expansion Templates

Need a media kit? Want to add a quiz to your site? Want a gorgeous mood board, cool blog sections, shop, or webinar pages?  You can add these killer templates to ANY Showit website and they're super affordable. (My picks? The Digital Marketing Essentials Kit and the Insta Links Page! 



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