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A spiritual science showing us the energetic and genetic map of who we are and our potential. It can be applied to work & beyond to help you leverage success and fulfilment.  I know what you're thinking, sounds cool and where has this been all of my life!? I know....

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In the same way that a map guides us or a contract provides the framework for a business deal, our Human Design shows us our own personal soul contract which helps us navigate life based on how we are uniquely wired resulting in more ease, joy and success – all on our own terms

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Human Design 101
The Secret Success Strategy for Lawyers


1-1 live 90 minute Human Design reading uncovering your chart and how you're Legally Different by Design ®

The Signature Session

An interactive session focusing on your strengths + gifts and how you're here to; make decisions, create opportunities, learn, network, communicate, interact with others and work optimally according to your unique blueprint.


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A self-evaluative guide to activate & accelerate your success in work & beyond at a 'soul-yes' level! You know the kinda success that doesn't just look good on the outside, but feels really damn good on the inside? Yes, that! Grab yours.....