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Ready to receive a permission slip to be authentically *you* and learn how to leverage your unique blueprint for success  in order to find, create or evolve your soul-aligned career?
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Legal professionals and entrepreneurs looking for soul-aligned career and business inspiration & support

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Your Blueprint for Success 

Legally Different with Lauren Kay 

interesting and insightful!

"This podcast is a great way to learn about non traditional legal paths, it's a fantastic listen and I'm looking forward to more episodes!"

- Gemma -

in-house lawyer

big fan

"I am such a huge fan of this podcast! Inspiring, super creative and such a breath of fresh air for the legal industry. As a legal business owner, it's amazing to know I'm not in it alone - and that there are lots of other people out there doing legal differently!!"

  - Babs -


Definitely need to add to your playlist

"Love this podcast! Lauren is such a lovely person and an amazing podcaster! Each episode is so relatable - really fits the title - it showcases the wide range of individuals in the legal world. Real people, truly inspiring career and life journeys."

- Jen -


breath of fresh air!

"A breath of fresh air in a bit of a stale industry! Thanks Lauren, a great listen."

- Jonathan -


change your legal mindset

"As a lawyer in the process of transitioning away from traditional practice I've gotten a lot of inspiration. Great to have a space to hear so many different stories of people changing up their lives in meaningful and successful ways and becoming more aligned to their values and passions"

- Mike -

BIG LAW lawyer

I'm a former "Big Law" Lawyer and have been on a  journey to experiment with soul-aligned ways of working (even in  careers like law!).  I'm passionate about human potential and deeply driven by a desire to transform the cookie cutter path that can leave us feeling unfulfilled. Through sharing stories via the Legally Different podcast and by utilising the Human Design System, my mission is to guide and empower you to understand your own unique blueprint for success and to leverage what makes you unique in order to find create or evolve your soul-aligned career or business.

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inside scoop!  

As the first ever expression of "Legally Different" that I shared with the world, the podcast is so dear to me. A concept first formed in 2018 whilst living in Bali, having made bold changes in my life . I still remember it - sat on a terrace with my sister when the name "Legally Different"  landed.  It wasn't until 2020 when I set about creating the  podcast and the first season was released! 

Initiating a #legallydifferent movement, the podcast was the first of its kind in the way that it questioned the industry status quo and offered legal professionals a permission slip to create bespoke, non-linear career paths, which I am truly proud of.

In truth, it's exactly what I needed to help me through my career transition in 2016/17 (around my Saturn Return) but nothing like it existed at the time. A go-to place to know that I was not alone in craving something different for my career & life other than the traditional template on offer, to receive inspiration & tangible guidance for making a change and to learn about truly helpful tools to support my ongoing career progression and entrepreneurial journey. 

The podcast has evolved to incorporate teachings & insights on the Human Design system - my favourite go-to tool to help you to understand your own unique blueprint for success. After all, we are all  Legally Different By Design® there's no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success.  

You can expect expect solo episodes and enlightening conversations with pioneering legal practitioners and entrepreneurs who have successfully carved out intentional career paths. These conversations will empower and equip you to embrace your own legally different path, simply by being you and leveraging what makes you unique. If you’re ready to find, create or evolve your soul aligned career or business, this podcast is for you.

Messages like this one  make my heart do a cartwheel!  It's exactly why I created this space, to empower, inspire and equip Legally Different® humans to make aligned decisions and changes so they can feel success at a soul level.

The evolution continues - thanks for being a part of it!
Lauren <3



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You're in a leadership role in the legal space and get that 'inner' leadership comes first and is key in this new paradigm. 

You're planning on making a transition within or away from law and would value some inspo & practical guidance.

You're content in your career but want to continually ensure that your path is aligned (& you might be obsessed with personal development - same!)

you're in the right place

You're feeling a bit 'meh' and craving more fulfilment and purpose in your work.

You've taken a different path in law or feel different in some way & want to connect
with like-minded souls

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In the same way that a map guides us or a contract provides the framework for a business deal, our Human Design shows us our own personal soul contract which helps us navigate life based on how we are uniquely wired resulting in more ease, joy and success – all on our own terms

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then, if you want to explore your design further...

on the blog: Human Design 101
The Secret Success Strategy for Lawyers

A spiritual science showing us the energetic and genetic map of who we are and our potential. It can be applied to work & beyond to help you leverage success and fulfilment.  I know what you're thinking, sounds cool and where has this been all of my life!? I know....

How You're Legally Different By Design®

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I'd LOVE to explore your unique Human Design with you in a 1-1 session.  These sessions are my fave place to connect on a deeper level, journey into what makes you YOU and to help unlock your next level of aligned success in work and beyond.
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