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If only a personal user manual existed showing us how we are each uniquely and optimally designed to work and succeed.  Well, it does! Allow me to introduce your strategy to fulfilment & success – Human Design. It is a system that provides a map of who we are and guides us on how exactly we are designed to make decisions, network, communicate, collaborate and much more.

Lawyers are increasingly using Human Design to help them navigate their careers in an empowered way, by understanding how they are Legally Different By Design®.  I’ve been helping them uncover and leverage their unique design and you can start too by generating your own (free) Human Design chart here. It might look wild at first, but read on for how to begin to understand how you’re designed.

Human Design draws on lots of different disciplines including genetics, quantum physics and astrology to create its own unique system. You might be familiar with some personality tests such as Myers Briggs. I love anything that encourages self reflection and personal development. But just to explain how Human Design is different to what you may have already come across, these tools often rely only on the participants’ answers to a set of questions which may (naturally) change over time as life circumstances and/or self awareness evolves and often there’s no one set answer to a particular question that truly reflects who you are. Whereas, Human Design is a tangible, set blueprint which can be applied to evolving life circumstances.

In the same way that a map guides us or a contract provides the framework for a business deal, our Human Design shows us our own personal soul contract which helps us navigate life based on how we are uniquely wired resulting in more ease, joy and success – all on our own terms.

However, it’s so easy to breach the terms of our own contract and even live out the terms of other peoples’ contracts! Often because we have no idea about our real gifts, strengths, purpose and natural ways of operating as they typically can become blurred by societal conditioning overwriting these things for us. This results in more resistance and less flow & fulfilment.

it’s so easy to breach the terms of our own contract and even live out the terms of other peoples’ contracts!

For example, one client shared during a Signature Session that she was feeling unfulfilled  as a mid-level lawyer; she’d achieved lots on paper but felt pretty ‘meh’ about it, out of place in her role and had noticed early signs of burn out. We uncovered that she has been living out other peoples’ idea of success – her father is a retired & esteemed litigation partner and, after winning a debating prize at school, she had always been considered good at arguments. However, she doesn’t actually enjoy it and hates confrontation, but she felt torn because clients love her and, even as a thirty-something lawyer, feels the pressure to please her father. We uncovered by looking into her unique Human Design that she’s naturally designed to work collaboratively and is gifted at creating bonds between people.  Her most natural & confident communication style is when she’s sharing about her own personal experiences, teaching others and networking in a small group. She is empathetic and soaks up the emotions of others easily, which is why she is gifted at deeply understanding her clients, but explains why she felt so depleted at the end of each day given her type of work.

Yes – all of this from your Human Design chart, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This client has gone on to make aligned changes in her career, still as a lawyer, but is doing it differently now and finally feels successful (not just the on-paper kinda success) because she feels more herself……..and is thriving as a result!

Once you’ve obtained your chart, the starting point is to look for what your “type” is, which will be one of the five type; Generator (approx. 40% of the population), Manifesting Generator (approx. 30%), Projector (approx. 22%), Manifestor (approx. 7%) & Reflector (approx. 1%). Which one are you!? Each has its own unique signature  – check out {this blog post} for more on each type and navigating your chart.

I can help by interpreting and analysing your chart for you in a live 1-1 session via the Signature Session.

Common phrases and feedback I hear mid Human Design session include; “I feel so seen”, “I can’t believe how much this reflects me” and “it’s so validating”.

You can read other helpful blogs to learn about the technical stuff behind Human Design here and how to get and understand your chart here.

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