How do I find out my unique design and what does it mean?

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You can look up your own chart here, this is a great place to start.

Now, it’s going to look pretty wild if this is your first time, but stay with it! Initially the key thing to look for is your ‘energy type’ which is your headline archetype (explained below – how you’re designed to optimally operate, your personality and purpose).

The Energy Types

There are five energy types which can see below with a flavour of each:-

  • GENERATORS (approx. 40% of the population): they are the doers, builders and creators who typically work best when focused on one thing that they can master and when they are lit up by the thing – when that’s the case they magnetise opportunities and naturally motivate others.

  • MANIFESTING GENERATORS (approx. 30%): as above save that MG’s typically move quicker and work best usually with freedom and more than one focus or interest on the go as they are multi-passionate and non-linear – when working optimally the are powerful initiators, doers and create express results.

  • PROJECTORS (approx. 22%): they are the natural guides, coaches, teachers and advisors who work optimally on areas they are a specialist in, where they can work smarter not harder and in a laser focused way, usually 1-1 and when they feel appreciated – when working optimally they are powerful at seeing and harnessing the potential in people and things, improving systems and creating efficiencies.

  • MANIFESTORS (approx. 7%): they are the ideators, innovators, creatives who are typically here to start things and initiate us into new ways when they feel empowered to share their vision/insights and have freedom to work in accordance with their creative surges– when they work optimally they are powerful trailblazers who inspire others, create new ways and have the potential to do so quickly.

  • REFLECTORS (approx. 1%): they are the evaluators, observers and advisors who work best when given freedom to choose their environment, time to follow their own rhythms and are valued for their wise insights – when they work optimally they act as evaluative mirrors who reflect back to individuals / teams unique insights and have the potential to improve the wellbeing of others and the collective.

Which type are you? Comment below!

There’s soooo much more I could say about each type, this is the tip of the iceberg. In the Signature Session we would spend the first 20-30 mins on just the energy type alone exploring how it applies specifically to you and how you can optimally apply and leverage its qualities.

What else should I know when starting out?

Whilst the ‘energy type’ is the most fundamental piece which can reveal so much, it’s also just the start of the journey. The other key elements to understand are (in order or how I’d recommend you explore them):-

  • Your “authority” which is how you’re design to make decisions;
  • Your “profile” which is the fraction type numbers e.g. 1/3 or 4/6 this represents your personality and how you’re here to learn;
  • The “centres” i.e. the square and triangular shapes which represent different parts of your physical body and reflect different qualities such as emotions, thoughts, pressure, motivation, communication (and much more) and in particular how you are influenced by others in these areas and how you naturally contribute to or use these;
  • The numbers within the body of your chart are called “gates” and these are your gifts; and
  • The lines that connect two gates are called “channels” and these are your super strengths.

If you are curious to delve deeper, I’d love to explore your unique Human Design with you in a 1-1 session. These spaces are my favourite place to connect on a deeper level, journey into what makes you YOU and to help unlock your next level of aligned success in work and beyond.

Let’s discover how you’re Legally Different By Design® together!

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